- Our second show. Here! Now!
Wednesday, May 04, 2005
We're back! Here's urban75radio's second broadcast.

These are all MP3s in hi-res (128 kbps), med-res (56 kbps) low-res (24 kbps), and we'll have Ogg Vorbis files for you soon too.

Trailer (hi-res)
Trailer (med-res)
Trailer (low-res)
Trailer for our second broadcast. (0:56)

Part 1 (29.5 MB)
Part 1 (12.9 MB)
Part 1 (5.5MB)
Hiccup's mixdown of urbanite electronica, including tracks by boing! Magneze, chooch, miniGMgoit, funky ken and hiccup himself. Poster: butterfly child (31:30)

Part 2 (26.6 MB)
Part 2 (11.6 MB)
Part 2 (4.9MB)
Piers Gibbon in Bristol hosts a dicussion on tomorrow's election, drugs and the police, with fat hamster and bristle-KRS. Music from Rob Sharples. Posters: Epona and SilentNate. (28:21)

Part 3 (32 MB)
Part 3 (13 MB)
Part 3 (5.4 MB)
More from Bristol and Rob Sharples. Poster: citydreams. (30:04)

Part 4 (35 MB)
Part 4 (15 MB)
Part 4 (6 MB)
DJ zcat's alternative take on the election. Music from DrJazzz, Greg Jardine and Daniel Howard, live at the Royal Festival Hall in London. (26:51)

Again, we say: Woohoo!

More feedback from you too, please... Post in community, or email us at info@urban75radio.co.uk.


Blogger Iemanja said...

Good music show! Lots of original stuff in there. I think this could be one of radio's strongest features.

2:09 PM  
Blogger goldtop said...

great stuff! keep it coming....
the Dr J recording sounds great btw!

1:12 PM  
Blogger leon said...

Excellent stuff! The u75 radion goes from strength to strength!

7:39 PM  

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