- Pilot 3, Return of the Radio
Sunday, May 08, 2005
Ain't no stopping us now... Here's urban75 radio's third pilot broadcast.

Once again, the show is available in MP3 format at high (128), medium (56), and low (24) kbps bitrates. The faster your connection or the longer your patience, the higher bitrate you should download.

Trailer (hi) 1.1MB
Trailer (med) 483KB
Trailer (lo) 207KB
Trailer for pilot no.3 - get a taste of what's in store...

Part 1 (hi) 27.3MB
Part 1 (med) 12.0MB
Part 1 (lo) 5.2MB

An election night special from Bristol, followed by a Health, Relationships and Sexuality Forum discussion on how to survive relationships and a brief look at the bikini wax. The music track is 'Plastic Fruit' by Boing.

Part 2 (hi) 28.3MB
Part 2 (med) 12.4MB
Part 2 (lo) 5.3MB

A return to our North London panel for further discussion of Health, Reltionships and Sexuality, this time talking about Sex Drives and Body Modifications The music track is 'Days go by' by Ninjaboy.

Part 3 (hi) 28.3MB
Part 3 (med) 12.4MB
Part 3 (lo) 5.3MB

A selection of some of the finest tunes, provided by Urbanites. Presented and selected by DJ Hiccup.

Part 4 (hi) 31.3MB
Part 4 (med) 13.7MB
Part 4 (lo) 5.9MB

The first part in our election special. Piers Gibbon moderated, agitated and supervised a discussion in Brixton on the meaning of the election, what next for politics and what can be done to change the politcal landscape

Part 5 (hi) 22.1MB
Part 5 (med) 9.7MB
Part 5 (lo) 4.2MB

The second part of our election Special. In a change to our scheduled broadcast we return to Brixton where our political panelists have a few things they want to get of their chest. The music track is 'Out of the Doghouse' by Rob Sharples.

Part 6 (hi) 16.5MB
Part 6 (med) 7.3MB
Part 6 (lo) 3.1MB

Goodbye and Farewell. For now. A fond farewell from Urban75 radio, with the sections we just couldn't leave out.
1x1 by Overline (represented on the boards by Bonfirelight), 'Reality' TV by Fatter Faction (represented by FatterFaction and DirtySanta), "In Bed with Mation" (a new slot we're sure you'll like) and finishing with a special Secret Track... now you have to listen!

Once you have, tell us what you think in the thread in Community on the boards, or via email at info@urban75radio.co.uk. If there's something you want to hear on urban75 radio, or if you want to get involved with running it, please, please let us know. Once the show is up and running, we will have a voracious appetite for material and staff.

So, that's it for the pilots; the first proper weekly show will be going out around about the 1st of July (June is for Italy and Other Festivals!), chock full of Offline, discussions, music and more. Why not get your voice in it?


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