- May Offline special goes live!
Sunday, June 05, 2005
Hello there, we're back with an Offline special recorded on the last Thursday in May down at the Dogstar. It was probably the best Offline so far, so we're exceedingly pleased to have got it on tape (or modern equivalent).

There's a slight change to the format this time; the show is available in MP3 at high (128), medium (64), and low (32) kbps bitrates. The sections are a bit shorter to make up for it. Hope this is ok for everyone - do let us know if we should also have a 24 kbps available.

Trailer (hi) 847KB
Trailer (med) 437KB
Trailer (lo) 219KB
Trailer for May's Offline special. We aim to tease. Ho ho.

Part 1 (hi) 18.6MB
Part 1 (med) 9.3MB
Part 1 (lo) 4.6MB
Up and coming UK hip-hop artist Graziella performs live and is interviewed by SubZeroCat, there's poetry from Vic in the cabaret corner and some psychadelic folk from Dan Whitehouse.

Part 2 (hi) 20.1MB
Part 2 (med) 10MB
Part 2 (lo) 5MB
Solidarnosc talks to Vic and poet Other Theresa and you can her doing her thing along with some 'scattergun verse to blitz the senses' from Yap in the Cabaret Corner. There's some dark and tortured music therapy from Duke Garwood, and excellent local band The Tailors perform some slide guitar and pedal steel lovliness.

More feedback from you, please :) Use the thread in Community, or email us at info@urban75radio.co.uk. Once again, if you want to hear sommat on urban75radio, or if you want to get involved in techy stuff, do let us know.


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